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One of the best ways to improve efficiency of your practice is to implement a schedule system that improves patient flow and visits.  TheraOffice Scheduler® features are designed to make sure patients have a great experience when communicating with the front desk.  Increase cash flow with Patient Check-In, CoPay collection and Co-Insurance Payments collections as visits are started or completed.  Easy to learn and easy to use with drag and drop simplicity.

Physical Therapy Clinic Scheduling Software


TheraOffice Scheduler is designed to improve front desk operations by providing staff the needed tools to successfully control patient flow.  The drag and drop nature of the schedule makes it easy to learn and implement the software.  The advanced features make the complicated times at the front desk easier to navigate and staff will still be able to schedule effectively.

Physical Therapy Patient Scheduler Software

Physical Therapy Office Scheduling Software


Using an optimized scheduling software can have a dramatic impact on your practice, from patient satisfaction to clinical optimization. TheraOffice Scheduler is designed to be fast and efficient and offers numerous features to help the front office setup appointments. The Scheduler also contains tools that allow improved cash flow with CoPay and Co Insurance applications to patient accounts. TheraOffice can also tell you when patients fall off the schedule and how frequently they should be coming to the clinic by using the Prescription Reminder and Authorization tool.

Key Features

Multi-Date Scheduling and Canceling

Multi-Clinic Scheduling

Resource Scheduling

Security and Permission Controls

Appointment Reminders

Copay and Coinsurance Collections

Appointment Alerts and Reminders


Drag and Drop Ease

Patient Check In/Out

Alerts to Reduce Patients “Falling Off” Schedule

Appointment Search

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