TheraOffice Schedule Viewer App for iPhone and iPad

Updates are out for TheraOffice Web.  This update primarily focused on small changes and fixes, however we are proud to announce a new free iPhone and iPad app for use with TheraOffice Web.

How It Started

In Chicago there is an old saying – there are two seasons, winter and construction.  (Road construction in the summer)  Trapped in traffic, and running late for his first patient, Hands On Technology’s founder, Dan Morrill, was caught in traffic with nobody at the clinic yet.  The idea was simple – come up with a simple way to get access to your schedule via your phone so you could call or text your patient if you were running late.

The Design

The design team worked on various ways to access the schedule – a browser based calendar was the most obvious.  After building a small prototype, the ease of use logging into a website via a mobile phone was our biggest complaint.  On our second try – targeting the device with a device optimized app seemed to do the trick.  Taking a sample of potential users we found the iPhone to be the most widely used phone.  We were off to building the app.

We found security to be one of the other concerns with mobile apps and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) – what was going to stop someone from downloading the app from home without knowledge of the clinic administrator or in the event the device was lost?  We came up with a simple solution much like on-line banking an approval process was made that would allow the device to be approved or disapproved before it could log in successfully.  If the device was lost, the device could be disapproved and shutting down invalid attempts to gain access to the system.



We are interested to hear feedback on this app for future ideas we have targeting mobile devices.  If you like it – rate it on the App Store or email us and let us know what you think.