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We’ve had a busy year in 2015 with the major ICD-10 upgrade and 8 other updates to the software adding 100’s of new features and changes to TheraOffice.  We’ve begun putting together the roadmap for 2016 and it’s already appearing to be a busy one for our development team.

As we end 2015, we’re rolling out the final update for the year in the .3 update.  Below are some of the bigger changes we’ve included in the update:

Intake Validator

This feature will check for required data for new patients upon entry into TheraOffice.  We realize that the biggest factor for successfully billing and documenting in TheraOffice lies in getting the required data from the patient upfront.  The Intake Validator will run a series of rules on the new cases that are created and if there are any issues it will create an error list to be corrected.

Customizable Fields

On the patient information screen we added a new tab that can be customized in TheraOffice Administrator which allows for up to 15 customizable fields that can be used for additional data that you want to collect about the patient.

Inactivity Detection

We tried to improve the inactivity detection feature in TheraOffice so that it will now detect activity across the entire desktop, not just activity in the TheraOffice module.  So where this helps is that if you have multiple modules open and are active in 1, it will now stay active in any other that you have open, thus reducing the number of times you need to relogin.  It will still timeout just as it did before if you are inactive.

Payer Type

We added a new radio button that will now allow for the payer type to be separated for either Not Set, Self Pay, or Insurance.  This will also gives us the ability to write rules on the new Intake Validator based off the payer type or lack there of.

Some other notable features:
1)  Added to the case insurance effective dates for the insurance.
2)  Added a relationship to patient in the Guarantor screen.
3)  Added an out of pocket max field to the verification of benefits screen.
4)  Added a comments field to the insurance authorization screen.
5) Added additional auditing into the patient history when a user opens, prints or faxes documents from Documentation.


We’ll be releasing the TheraOffice On-Site .3 update on 12/9/2015 and the update for TheraOffice Web users will be released shortly after.

If you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy Holidays.