TheraOffice .15 Update

Category: Updates

This morning we were really excited to have released the .15 update for TheraOffice On-Site users.  The .15 update is a huge update with many new large features and changes.  We had 2 goals with this update – #1 – add new features that almost all users could benefit from, and #2 – add new features and changes aimed at larger multi-facility practices.

Much of the .15 update had been already shared with the users that were able to attend the Elite Users conference in October, and the webinar we had on Friday January 16th, but if you missed them, the below is a list:

1) Added Vitals – A customizable panel on different areas of the software that allow for key pieces of information be to displayed.
2) Added the case combo box to the new appointment and appointment check in process.
3) Added the ability for Alerts and Reminders to be displayed and driven from the case.
4) Added the ability for secondary and tertiary insurance authorizations to be set and tracked in Reminders.
5) Added a simple Adjustment feature in Accounting.
6) Added a simple refund feature in the Accounting.
7) Added grouping of alerts by case where alerts are displayed.
8) Added the duplicate patient search feature to better find and display matching patients to avoid duplicates.
9) Added the facility drop down and filter to the Visit Check Organizer.
10) Added an ignore / delete button to the Visit Check Organizer to remove items.
11) Added a facility drop down and filter to the Insurance Aging Billing Tools.
12) Added a facility drop down and filter to the Patient Statement Aging Billing Tools.
13) Added a facility drop down and filter to the Denial Organizer.
14) Added a Suggested Charges Units feature on the Insurance to allow for splitting up units into 1 unit charges for specific insurances.
15) Changed the functionality of the PQRS Questionnaire to only display if the Insurance type is set to Medicare, and not to use the Suggest Charges Rules.
16) Changed the Signature Password feature when locking a note in Documentation to allow for co-signing providers to enter their locking password.
17) Added a column in the Output Batch screen to display if a visit has been outputted or not yet.
18) Added basic email address validation on the Patient Information window.
19) Added an ability to prevent check in without assigning an Account Number for HL7 Interfaces.
20) Added logic for a batch output map to be able to include the primary care physician’s address, city, state, zip, ID number and type.

We’re aiming to release the TheraOffice Web .15 update early next week.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us.

Hope you enjoy the new features.