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We hope everyone will be enjoying their New Years eve tonight but if you don’t have any plans you are invited to check out the new .4 update to TheraOffice Web and On-Site.  This update will start off 2016 with an many new features for PQRS.

One of the big challenges for PQRS in TheraOffice is the wide variance between clinics that want to fully participate in reporting PQRS and clinics that would like to just take the penalty for not reporting.  Either way, the good news is that 2016 will be the last year for PQRS, so like it or not this time next year PQRS will be a thing of the past.

With the .4 update we added the ability to turn PQRS on or off fully in TheraOffice Administrator with an application option.  When off then PQRS can be reported on by manually clicking the PQRS button on the Charges section of Documentation.  When on PQRS will auto prompt after clicking Suggest Charges and require the therapist to at least complete the PQRS Questionnaire.  This will help both ends of the spectrum of clinics that want to fully report and ones that don’t.

For clinics that want to report, we’ve enhanced the PQRS Questionnaire by adding a Submit % column and also a thumbs up or down icon to show which measures are below the 50% reporting percentage.  (See below image).  We’ve decided that it’s probably best to set a threshold of 55% of claims to be reported instead of 50% to allow for some wiggle room in the event some claims don’t get submitted at the end of the year or a few other scenarios.  We’ve also added a feature that will determine if the Submit % is below 55% it will automatically check the measure to be reported.

.4 Update PQRS Questionnaire

Also added is a shortcut in the PQRS Questionnaire that will allows for a default question to be selected for each measure.  This will essentially ensure that each measure is reported on if a default is set.

Finally, if the application option is on and if one of the CPT codes that triggers PQRS is in the charges section of a note in Documentation such as 97001, TheraOffice will now double check that PQRS has been completed before locking the note.  If not, the note won’t be locked.  This will help enforce compliance.

There are two other notable additions in the .4 update which are that it includes the 2016 PQRS measures add-in which will run automatically ensuring that the measures are all up to date.  (Note: measures didn’t change from 2015 to 2016).  Also we’ll be including the financial cap reset add-in upon first login for the .4 update.  This will set the Therapy Cap field to $1,960 from $1,940 in the  Verification Of Benefits screen for Medicare patients as well as reset the Therapy Paid To Date field to $0.00.

We wish everyone a happy and safe New Years.