Sneak Peek Of FunctionVIBE

Hands On Technology’s development team has been working hard on a new app called Function Vibe. This app will allow functional testing to be put right into the hands of your Medicare patients by allowing them to easily complete required Functional Reporting testing on iPads and Windows 8 tablets or kiosks. Function Vibe comes prepopulated with 18 common functional tests that PT clinics use.

After a patient is checked in from TheraOffice Scheduling – front desk staff will be prompted on the 1st, and every 10th visit to perform functional testing. After tests are selected in Scheduling, the front desk staff or therapist can give the patient the tablet with Function Vibe running and allow them to complete the surveys all digitally.

Function Vibe eliminates the need for giving the patients paper tests, and then scoring and scanning them for use with Medicare’s Functional Reporting requirement. Upon test completion, Function Vibe will automatically calculate each test’s scores. Those scores can then be easily retrieved from inside TheraOffice, and will be populated into the Functional Testing sections without the need for manual data entry. Once the tests are pulled into TheraOffice from the Function Vibe application, TheraOffice will suggest the associated G-Codes to use. All that’s left to do is for the therapist to select the severity modifier. It’s that simple. No manual scoring, no scanning of functional tests, all that information can be pulled into TheraOffice from the Function Vibe app.

Curious about just how easy it is for your Medicare patients to use Function Vibe? For the first time, take a look into a few screen shots of how simple Function Vibe is for your Medicare Patients. Simply select the functional tests that should be completed by the patient, hand the mobile device to them, and have them select the best suitable answer for each displayed question. Therapists will also be able to review each test question with the patient before final completion. We anticipate the release of this app to be around mid-July.

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