PracticeVIBE – Clinic Planner and Analyzer

Introducing Practice Vibe

Still can’t figure out why your clinic isn’t making a profit even though you’ve been seeing more patients then ever? No worries, we’ve got a solution!

Hands On Technology’s latest creation, Practice Vibe, is a clinic planner and analyzer.  Practice Vibe gives practice owners and administrators a full view of the health of the practice by combining data from multiple sources into one application.  This allows for key metrics to be planned, tracked, and then analyzed which will ultimately help you make better business decisions while saving you time and money (sounds almost too good to be true!)

How It Works

The first step with Practice Vibe is to create a yearly plan which can be done at the company, facility, or provider levels.  You can start by creating a totally blank plan, copying a plan from a previous year, or even copying a plan from one provider to another.  Plans can also be easily increased or decreased or manually changed if future growth or decline is predicted for that year.

Each day the actuals for each data point will be pulled out of TheraOffice On-Site or TheraOffice Web and automatically uploaded to Practice Vibe. If a different EMR is being used, the actuals data can be entered manually. Other data points such as bank balance, provider salary, company salary, and other expenses can be entered in from other sources.

And It Gets Even Better

Practice Vibe was created to provide a 3 dimensional view of the plan and actuals data.  Once the plan and data have been uploaded into Practice Vibe, the day to day, month to month, and year to year trends can be compared using graphs or data grids.  These allow you to see where the actuals are compared to your plan. Practice Vibe can view data across each month and quickly find trends, identify problems, and keep your practice on track to meet its plan.

Practice Vibe has a dashboard with tile indicators. In these tiles there will be red, blue, and green arrows that will inform you whether or not you are meeting, exceeding, or falling below plan. Red arrows indicate that you are below plan. Blue arrows mean you are at or close to meeting your plan. Green arrows are a good indication, and mean that you are exceeding the plan.  You will be able to pick and choose which tiles you want to appear on your overview screen based off of what data you think is most relevant.

Predicting the Future

Using the BRAIN, Practice Vibe is able to predict the future. Now, it won’t be able to tell you if you will win the lottery, however, it can compare prior year actual data with the current plan, and current year actual data to determine where your company is headed before you get there (which is almost as good as winning the lottery).

You Can’t Improve if You Can’t Measure Results…

Which is why the inventors of TheraOffice Web and TheraOffice Onsite created Practice Vibe; for the sole purpose of helping you to improve your business in an efficient and inexpensive way. By following your trends, Practice Vibe will be able to provide you with the most optimum solution to get your business to where you want it to be.

Check out the Practice Vibe webpage for more information and learn how to become a beta tester!