Celebrating National Physical Therapy Month

October is National Physical Therapy Month

The Hands on Technology office shares space with our founder Dan Morrill’s physical therapy practice Hinsdale Sport and Spine Physical Therapy. Our employees not only understand what TheraOffice can do for a rehabilitation clinic, but they also know the profound impact physical therapists have on patients and families. We have taken the month of October for National Physical Therapy Month as a time to reflect on why physical therapy is important.


Why is Physical Therapy Important?

Physical therapists are teachers. They help patients learn how they can return to their normal way of life, pain-free. They change patient’s lives. The physical therapist’s objective is to treat functional movement deficits by improving pain and motion-limiting conditions. Patients can regain their full mobility, improve function by becoming more flexible and have better posture, balance, and coordination. Physical therapy can also prevent the reoccurrence of the original condition through preventative education and home programs.


Meet RJ, a Hands On Technology Employee & Past Physical Therapy Patient


RJ Pitlock, Account Manager at Hands On Technology, has personal experience being treated with physical therapy. While he was playing college basketball, he was injured and had to undergo shoulder surgery. Post surgery, RJ went to Hinsdale Sport and Spine Therapy and received treatment from Dan Morrill, PT and Hands On Technology Founder. His positive first experience with physical therapy is what sparked RJ’s interest in the industry and taking his career in that direction. He started working as Dan’s physical therapy aide in 2007. He enjoys the rewarding feeling of helping others reach their fullest potential, so he plans on continuing his education at physical therapy school. His long-term goal is to own a physical therapy clinic. His experiences at Hinsdale Sport and Spine Therapy as well as at Hands on Technology have helped him to gain a better understanding of the many roles and responsibilities of a successful physical therapist. He is passionate and driven to be successful both in physical therapy school and the practice of physical therapy.


RJ started working at Hands On Technology ® in 2010 in the Professional Services department, creating custom documentation. Now he is an Account Manager and gives technical support to many TheraOffice users. He also helps new TheraOffice clients during their implementation process, guiding them through the transition into our software.


RJ believes physical therapy is important because it helps people get back their quality of life and regain hope. In some instances, physical therapy is a necessity. Some patients he has observed at Hinsdale Sport and Spine Therapy come in with serious injuries and believe that they will never get their strength back or escape the pain. But only after a few short weeks of physical therapy, they see the positive results and believe that they can get better. Seeing the astonishing transformation of patients’ and his own body after physical therapy and the happiness it brings is what feeds RJ’s passion.