Medium & Large Clinics

TheraOffice Practice Management Software for Medium and Large Clinics


Medium & Large Clinics


Your Practice is Growing

Many times fast growing clinics have a difficult time scaling the balance between business and clinical operations. TheraOffice® provides practice management tools that improve processes, data to drive better decisions, and controls to stay in control.

Value for Medium & Large Size Clinics

  1. Single and multi-clinic scalability, one database
  2. Fast and efficient electronic medical record system with billing suggestions
  3. Simple to use scheduling with copay and coinsurance collection
  4. Advanced business metrics and management reports
  5. Complete billing software with easy to use alerts and tasks
  6. Customization to create your own clinical identity
  7. TheraOffice support every step of the way

TheraOffice for Medium and Large Practices

We Provide Tools to Take Control of Your Business

  • One central billing software option for multiple clinics at your fingertips
  • Get visibility across your practice to better manage and improve your business
  • Rest easy with our up-to-date HIPAA compliant software
  • We give you an easy way to create clean claims to reduce billing errors and improve reimbursements

Billing Manager for Medium and Large Size Practices

  • As we have grown, it has been vital for our whole staff to be on the same page. TheraOffice’s reliability and efficiency has kept our staff productive while reducing wasted time on tasks we had to do in our previous practice management program.
    — Advantage Physical Therapy

Learn How TheraOffice Practice Management Software Will Benefit Your Medium/Large Sized Clinic

TheraOffice Documentation Software of Physical Therapy ClinicsDocumentation

  • Ability to setup custom templates and phrases
  • Built in alerts and tasks to reduce documentation mistakes
  • CCI edits and CPT checks to improve claim acceptance
  • Defensible documentation
  • Automatic plan of care generation
  • Quick discharge note

TheraOffice Scheduling Software for Physical Therapy ClinicsScheduler

  • Multiple Locations, Multiple Therapists
  • CoPay, CoInsurance, and Credit Card Payments
  • Custom Patient Icons
  • Future Appointment Printout and Reminders
  • Equipment Scheduling
  • Checkin and Checkout Function
  • Appointment reminders

TheraOffice Accounting Software for Physical Therapy ClinicsAccounting

  • Simple and easy to navigate interface
  • Allows for Multiple Billers to Interact and Communicate
  • Tasks and Alerts
  • Billing Tools to stay on top of AR
  • Integrations with Clearinghouses
  • Accepts ERA for faster payment posting

TheraOffice Reporting Software for Physical Therapy ClinicsDocumentation

  • Over 175 reports
  • Productivity reports based on treatment provider
  • Key metrics and performance indicators
  • Professional services for custom needs
  • Intake forms
  • Month end reports

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