Functional Reporting Made Easy

At Hands On Technology we are proud to say that we have officially released our TheraOffice upgrade that complies with the new functional limitation reporting requirements. Our users have had a few weeks now to really grasp and understand how the functional reporting sections work within our system. We wanted to ensure that we gave our clients enough time to practice functional reporting before the July 1st deadline, and that they understood everything there was to know about it.

Our solution to the new functional reporting requirements came as part of a complete software upgrade. This upgrade came equipped with two new sections in the documentation navigator; Functional Testing and Functional Reporting. Within these sections, users have the option to choose from 15 functional tests that will automatically set the impairment ratings based on the patient’s results. In the Functional Reporting section, users can suggest results from the functional tests section, and the current and goal status CPT codes will be pre-populated based on those results.

Another great feature to this upgrade is that this section has a graph that will provide a visual indication of the patient’s progress based on the current and goal statuses. Users will also have the option of checking a “send” box which will send the given claim to Medicare. An alert will inform them whether or not the particular visit will need to be sent.

Ultimately, we wanted to make the lives of TheraOffice users as easy as possible. We believe that the functional reporting sections added to TheraOffice will help to make these functional limitation requirements a lot simpler. We want our clients to be able to focus more on their patient’s treatment and success, and less about the reporting requirements.

And if we didn’t make it simple enough, another device that TheraOffice users can anticipate is our mobile app for Windows 8 and iPad. This app will allow users to complete functional tests with the scores being automatically imported into TheraOffice. We are looking to release this by July, so keep your eyes and ears open for more information regarding this!